Find out what some of our clients are saying about Pro Physique Sports Services.

Moush & Mobs


Our Pro-Physique boot camp journey started a year ago and we have much to thank Toni and Roman for!

We have both became stronger and more defined from their well-designed programme that is a positive challenge. We have even became Spartans, completing a 7k Spartan run with fellow boot-campers last year, which could not have done without Toni and Roman.

Toni and Roman create an environment that is open and fun.

They encourage us all to put in our maximum and do so whilst being informative and totally professional. It’s a boot camp family to us, with people of all ages, nationalities and goals supporting each other.

The Pro-Physique boot camp has become an essential part of our lives, we are stronger, healthier and happier.

We recommend anyone to come and try the bot camp, it will make a difference, and you’ll love it!
Thank you Toni and Roman!



I can easily say that the day I chose to train with pro physique has completely changed my life.

Over a year back, I was a new mom, struggling to get back to shape and looking for a professional trainer who can also be flexible to come to where I live.

I was determined to make it happen but there’s no way I would have made it this far without pro physique.

I have always loved exercising and had experience with several personal trainers in other gyms.

I haven’t and doubt I would meet a trainer at the professionalism and dedication of pro physique trainer.

Our workouts are tough but also a lot of fun. In conclusion, I whole heartedly recommend pro physique, they will honestly change your life forever.



From 110kg to 90kg in one year of training with Pro-Physique and a lot more…

I have always been a sport guy from my younger age, but when I arrived in Dubai in 2010 I settle down, work hard and enjoy the easy living lifestyle.

Consequence I gain 10kg and was overweight. I tried to go back to sport but alone, without any guidance and support, it was difficult to stick to a routine and get back in shape. I was fortunate enough to have met at first Toni and then Roman from Pro-Physique around end of 2014 when I started with few other bootcampers from our compound. I’m not gonna lie, it was hardwork, sometimes alone at bootcamp. But Toni and Roman believed in me and believed in them as well.

I sticked to bootcamp twice a week with different session every single time and they accompanied me from a fitness level where I couldn’t even do 5 burpees in a row to where I’m in better shape I have ever been at 40 years old, capable of running 20km in the sand and avoiding no less then 25 obstacles.

I have lost 20kg in 12 months and I couldn’t be less grateful to them and to the passion they bring at bootcamp at each and every session.

Not even that, at bootcamp I have made many very good friends and I consider all of them as family over time. I keep going to bootcamp twice a week as it is now part of life and I don’t think of it like a I have to do but more like a moment of day I’m going to enjoy, no matter how hard the session could be. I always look forward to the session and to the next challenge Toni and Roman are going to put in front of me, cause I know that with them I can do and achieve anything from now on.