Our social league is a fun and friendly Netball League which is accessible to all women (and Men!) across Dubai. Whatever your ability, age or physical experience WE WANT YOU INVOLVED!!

We offer Social Leagues, Competitive Leagues, Mixed leagues, training and coaching.

Pro Physique aren’t like any other company. We are unique and have a team who are dedicated to help you step away from your comfort zone.

With us, you have the opportunity to meet new people and make new friends and to put a stop to being a couch potato.

We have a wide range of players going from mums, new Mums, teachers, students and those who are a little bit older.

We recommend you come to one of our training sessions on a Monday evening to meet the team and meet some players so that we can place you in a team suitable for you. (Don’t worry we are here to guide you the whole way through!)