The Pro Physique Sports Services dedicated and professional team are here to help you achieve your fitness goals. Where each of our Certified fitness instructors may have different areas of expertise, they all share one common goal; and that’s the passion they have in helping others reach their fitness potential.


Meet Roman. Co-Founder of Pro-Physique Sports Services.

Growing up in London, Roman found solace in gyms and sports. He quickly gained a reputation which gave him the opportunity to play football at professional level. He then moved onto MMA and entered into the Cage Rage UK circuit and quickly entered the top 10 best fighters.

After seeking new challenges, Roman came to Dubai and quickly established himself as a renowned Certified Fitness Instructor to many of Dubai’s most prominent families. He also carried on his MMA career taking part in both the Phoenix Fighting Championships and the UAE Warriors, here he forged a reputation in the heavyweight category. He pushed himself further by competing in strongman competitions to a national level, and all while having a family.

He Co-Founded Pro-Physique with Toni to pursue not only his fitness aspirations but to help others reach their dreams.

Whatever level of fitness you are at; Roman is on hand to help you challenge yourself so you can realise your goals and begin seeing those desired results.

  • Founder
  • Certified fitness instructor
  • Personal Trainer
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Weight loss management specialist
  • Mixed martial arts (MMA)
  • Boxing Instructor
  • Bootcamp instructor
  • Former cage rage UK top 10 fighter
  • UAE strongman competitor


Meet Toni. Co-Founder of Pro-Physique Sports Services.

After spending seven years as a soldier in the British Army with Royal Logistics Core, she travelled the world including France, Germany, Cyprus and saw active duty in Iraq. Throughout this she developed a disciplined approach to fitness which displayed in her time with the Inter-services Netball squad and Army athletics.

Toni relocated to Dubai where she has established herself as a successful personal trainer and international netball player. Since touching down in Dubai, all those many years ago, Toni has now managed to co-found Pro Physique and has been able to carefully select her team to help share her passion for your fitness.

She has many sporting achievements all whilst running a successful business and raising a family.

Toni represented the UAE netball squad at national level and is an accomplished player & coach.

She has also been crowned winner of ‘Fighting Fit DXB’ where she showed her physical and mental strength in the much-coveted boxing competition, which filmed as a documentary on ESPN.

  • Founder
  • Certified fitness instructor
  • Circuit trainer
  • Bootcamp trainer
  • Team leader
  • Served 7 years in British armed forces
  • UAE amateur boxer
  • Netball competitor
  • Former UAE Netball Player